Luke 22:36 New Living Translation

36 “But now,” he said, “take your money and a traveler’s bag. And if you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one!

Stepping back in time to my childhood

Psalms 27:5 NKJV
For in the time of trouble He shall hide me in His pavilion; In the secret place of His tabernacle He shall hide me; He shall set me high upon a rock.

Working on restoring the yard back to the self- sustaining garden that it was 50 years ago. We will be adding back the wild edibles and medicinal plants that have been lost over time.

Arts & crafts/Backyard gardening/ Recipes

New items at Ayrshire Farms

Time to get into the spring planting! We have elephant garlic, hard to find fingerling seed potatoes. Large onion sets four different varieties.

Marching forward

Planted Planet 9 raspberry bushes have 9 to go. Planted 18 strawberry plants under the grape arbor, planning 2 Strawberry hanging baskets. Planeted 1 thornless blackberry bush. Also planted 2 spearmint and 2 sweet mint in the front yard. Harvested some Sassafras root and transplanted to sassafras starts.